Hypnosis For Your Life

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Let yourself relax here as you learn about the mind, the mind body connection and the world of hypnosis. This site provides useful tools for "self health" through relaxation, guided imagery and self hypnosis. The benefits of learning these life skills are great, and can be used with other medical approaches. These natural states are not intended to take the place of medical advise regarding health matters. Always consult your health care provider regarding any health concerns or problems that you may have.

Nested in the quiet of the Bitterroot Valley, the Hypnotism Center of Western Montana, Inc. offers a full range of services in hypnosis as a mind-body science. Whether you are seeking education, physical wellness, emotional peace, or a strengthening of your spiritual being, we are here to be of service. In addition to private hypnotherapy sessions, The Hypnotism Center is an approved Hypnotherapy School, offering a 300 hour Professional Hypnotism Training Certification Program in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Self Hypnosis classes and personalized seminars for private groups, organizations and businesses are also available.

The Me, Myself and Mind series offers support with self hypnosis CDs which create relaxed states for personal improvement. You can create positive results in the areas of weight loss, smoking cessation, stress relief and restful sleep as you relax with these guided imageries.

Roberta Swartz, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Director of the Hypnotism Center of Western Montana, has been helping people with hypnosis since 1984. Her vision is to provide a safe, peaceful environment where people can learn to actively participate in creating their own health and well being. The Hypnotism Center of Western Montana, Inc. provides such a place, helping people create wellness, free of unnatural and sometimes harmful interventions.

When we understand the truths about hypnosis we take an important step towards acceptance of our inner potential. This knowing opens our abilities, allowing us to take an active role in creating personal health. We can benefit from the intrinsic qualities of mind when we personally development these natural abilities. The skills of hypnosis, and self hypnosis offer deep relaxation and allow us to access our subconscious mind for personal improvement on every level.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, which was established in 1998, provides funding for medical research in alternative and complementary therapies. With case studies and scientific research underway, many more health care providers are now accepting and promoting the use of hypnosis as a useful complimentary tool for their patients. There are major hospitals throughout the country that offer hypnosis services including Cedar Sinai and UCLA. The word hypnosis is usually replaced with a different name such as guided imagery, relaxation response or psychoneuroimmunology. Although the name may be different, the process is still the same. When you learn to work with your subconscious mind constructively, it is the best ally for creating health you can possibly have.

Holistic mind-body approaches work because they go beyond treating the physical symptoms and include ways of changing the attitudes, mental beliefs, expectations and feelings that influence our behaviors and health. They address the repetitious patterns of how thoughts create stress and physical tension that affect the body, which over time cause illness and disease. The altered state of awareness known as hypnosis, provides a bridge between the mind and the body. It opens the door for communication between the physical and emotional aspects of our being. Then, an inner sense of peace and stillness emerges. This conscious synchronous awareness of self helps promote the body's natural healing intelligence.