Hypnosis For Your Life

Roberta A. Swartz

Professional Speaker - Workshop Facilitator
Author - Publisher
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist - Certified Instructor
Director of The Hypnotism Center of Western Montana

Roberta Swartz  has been helping people lead healthier, more productive lives since 1984 through professional presentations, interactive workshops, classes and private hypnotherapy sessions.

Roberta is a dynamic speaker and a highly effective instructor. Her understanding of human nature and of interrelations is extensive. She delights audiences with concepts that satisfy the logical part of the mind while she excites the creative, emotional part of the mind with examples, stories and rich case histories. She easily engages and holds her audiences' interest with useful information and skills that are easy to understand. Her workshops are interactive and empowering, and the thousands of people who have attended her programs share a sense of having accomplished something meaningful and life affirming.

Recent presentations, interviews, achievements

June, 2012
Interview with Todd Alan Cudaback - Life Mastery Radio, Seattle, WA

May, 2012
American Council of Hypnotists Examiners Conference, Pasadena, CA
Recipient of Presenters Special Recognition Award - Jon Young (818) 242-1159

May, 2012
Aquarius Books and Gifts, Grants Pass, Oregon - (541) 479-4000
Workshop - "The Mind-Body Connection for Creating Health"

May, 2012
Mystic Journey Books, Venice, California - (310) 399-7077
Workshop - "The Mind-Body Connection for Creating Health"

March, 2012
Missoula Business Women's Network, Hamilton, MT - Jane Foster (406) 777-2280
Presenter - "Getting Past the Resistance of Sabotage" - 5 star reviews

Feb., 2012
Conscious Life Expo - Los Angeles, CA - Robert Quicksilver 800-367-5777
Presenter - "Self-Hypnosis for Creating Health"- 5 star reviews

May, 2011
Author - Me, Myself and Mind: Reclaim Your Self, Your Health and Your Life
http://www.memyselfandmind.com - 5 star reviews@amazon.com

University of Montana's nursing and psychology programs - guest speaker
"The mind-body connection, hypnosis and health." Dr. Maria Wines (406) 327-7476
Cathy Powell (406) 721-5600 / Janet Woodburn (636) 288-6694

April, 2010
Ravalli County annual Health Care and Nursing Conference, Hamilton, MT
"Relaxation and stress management for health care providers." - 5 star reviews

One Source Healing Arts Center - Florence, MT
Self-Hypnosis classes - Dr. Georgia Milan (406) 327-3057

Hamilton High School Adult Education - Hamilton, MT
Self-Hypnosis classes - Mr. Rod Meuchels (406) 375-6060

South Valley Child and Family Center, Hamilton, MT
Working with families and children for physical and emotional wellness
Dr. Blaise Favara (406) 360-5020

Roberta has worked as a clinical hypnotherapist for twenty-eight years. She is registered and certified through the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners in Glendale, California. She earned a Bachelor degree in Applied Science and a clear teaching credential from San Diego State University in 1982.

Roberta has helped thousands of people to create positive changes in their life by working constructively with the emotional intelligence of their subconscious mind. Examples of clients' successful outcomes with her guidance through presentations, workshops, classes and private hypnotherapy sessions include:

  • Professional Success
    • Stress management for creating a positive work environment
    • Getting past the resistance of sabotage
    • Greater emotional intelligence and team work
    • Mental time management and organizational skills for greater productivity
    • Increased memory recall
    • Respectful communications
    • Greater self-worth, self-confidence and self trust
    • Creating greater health and wellness
    • Eliminating fears including the fear of public speaking and the fear of flying
  • Physical wellness through the release of: allergies and asthma, digestive problems, fibromyalgia, insomnia, migraines, health problems, physical pain and stress.
  • Preparation and recovery for: surgery, dental procedures, childbirth conditioning.
  • Emotional wellness - Permanent resolution of anxieties, fears, phobias, erratic mood swings, poor self image, depression, bi-polar activity, ADHD.
  • Behavior modification - Freedom from addictions, obsessive compulsive behaviors, unhealthy relationships, anxiety and fear.
  • Balancing the three ego states.
  • Altered states for increasing spirituality and psychic activity.
  • Dream interpretation for personal growth and understanding.